Usd - Realm 09 - Gold

  • Dead Wheel Pakiet

USD Realm Gold is a great proof of huge popularity of Realm skates – the already third edition of super priced skate with the qualities of the any Pro skate. Slim and very light shell and replacable soulplate are the greatest features of this model. Strong buckle and optional holes for additional 45 degree lace will hold your foot in the right place, giving the maximum flexibility at the same time.

Equipped with comfortable Realm liner and additional Eva Shock Absorber, integrated in the shell to prevent any heel lift. The skate comes with symetrical Kizer Clean UFS frame and brand new model of Undercover 55mm/90a wheels in flat setup. If needed the middle wheels can be removed and changed for any anti-rocker wheels.

The Gold edition comes in eye-catching black-white color scheme with large USD logo on the back of the cuff. The USD Realm UFS Gold skates is a perfect way to start your adventure with aggressive inline skating!

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Universal Skate Design established in 1998, have been the leading aggressive skate manufacture since day one. Being the very first strictly aggressive oriented brand, USD have been providing wide range of products that revolutionize the market. The latest flagship product of USD - AEON skates is the answer for the constantly changing needs of
aggressive skaters.