Rollerblade - Sven Boekhorst Solo Estilo

  • 2 for 1 Hedonskate x Bladelife

Skating legend Sven Boekhorst collaborated with Rollerblade designers to produce his pro skate. The Solo Estilo SB shell and cuff utilize bioplastics with renewable raw materials that help safeguard the environment without sacrificing performance. It is has a V-cut liner and cuff. The Solo sole system features an all NEW street formula composite nylon which stands up to Sven’s skating style.

The sole plates are a completely flat sliding surface for stable sole tricks. The system also includes a one piece inner negative plate for negative grind tricks. The Estilo SB comes with an all NEW Blank brand frame, with shaped side-walls which make the frame slide smooth on the roughest surfaces. 60mm/88a wheels for improved speed, SG9 bearings and 47mm plastic anti rockers for optimum grind space. All hardware (cuff, sole plates, and frames) are removable and replaceable.

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  • Anti Rocker Pack

Rollerblade® created one of the fastest growing sports in the world and continues to be a leader in the inline skate market.

Originally perceived as an off-season training device for hockey players, Rollerblade® pioneered the inline skating boom by transforming inline skates to a widely accepted "lifestyle" product just about anyone can use. Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, fun seekers and Rollerblade® employees continue to enjoy the sport and experience of inline skating.